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Re: Xavier's offers...potential recruits thread

Postby jaxalum » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:25 pm

muskieman wrote:
oldhoopster2 wrote:Doesn't hurt to offer. Seton Hall and St Johns did. Worst you can hear is 'no'. Can't get a commit you don't go after. If the kid is good make an offer, but make sure he has a shot outside 1 foot, can move his feet, can rebound and/or block shots. We should attempt to recruit with the 'big boys' if we want to become one of them. Can't bow out because Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, etc are after someone. Ya never know.

no like you offer and then wait for a call. Time, money on coach's visits all must be done before and after an offer and there is only so much time money etc.

^^^Agreed. The staff are experts at determining if there may be some mutual interest from a target, hence they dole out resources accordingly. As to this 7 footer being "covered", Scruggs had offers from the likes of Kansas, Indiana, Mich State, Purdue, Illinois...along with a plethora of other schools that dropped out at some point as they realized it had become a practice in futility. I will say that top 100 Centers (especially 7'0) are considered absolute gold, like finding a unicorn. Good big men are so rare compared to any other position, ESPECIALLY a skilled one. So I understand why this big is being deluged/"covered" with offers. Anyone notice how Xaviers luck over the past 3-4 yrs pulling in a truly skilled 5 has been outlandishly hapless. We've been so close, even having one on campus taking classes (Ekiyor) to Taurean Thompson. Do yourself a favor and do not watch Syracuse (who stole Thompson away literally a week before he was thinking of going to X). The kid is an athletic beast, long, lean, with a jump shot. And Tyrique was never recruited as a 5, expected ever to play the 5(he's not 6'9/243....he's 6'7/230. He was/is a pure 4 being forced to play the 5, but damn has he added to his offensive arsenal right in front of us this season. My wish for him is for Pegues (remember what he did to Farr between his jr and sr yr) to continue to be all over him this summer and potentially add a 10-12 foot jumper that's enough of a weapon to bring their 5 out, unclogging the lane. On paper, we could potentially walk out the most decorated (recruiting site/ by average stars) 5 in X history. Unfortunately, we will lack shooters, and my guess is alot of zone/sagging.

Right now, it's getting into the tournament, and then, and I think most importantly, we need Mack to stay/this recruting class is a "core" class that will determine the path of the program for the next 3-5 years. IU is one of "those" schools he would leave for. I'm scared to death when Crean gets fired.

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