We know the way to San Jose

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We know the way to San Jose

Postby xu koop scoop » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:00 am

The Orlando Magic went well with 2 wins and I wonder what our record is in that Orlando arena as we have played there in previous NCAA as
well as in season tourneys. Now we know the way to San Jose, we're going back someday to San Jose. Ever played there before?
Congrats to Coach Mack, his assistants, all the players & all the fans! Starting to remind me of our first Elite 8 team in 2004 that was heading
nowhere going into the A10 tourney. The 4 team field in San Jose is a joy to behold, "mid major" Gonzaga, former UC coach Huggins West Virginia
team who we beat a few years back to get to the Elite 8 & former XU coach Sean Miller's Arizona team that beat us a few years back in a close
Sweet 16 contest. Regardless of outcome in San Jose, this season has turned into a stellar success - especially Coach Mack finding a way to adapt
to the losses of Sumner & Davis.
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Re: We know the way to San Jose

Postby mumuskie87 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:15 am

X's record in Orlando is 11-2.
Includes 4-0 record in NCAA tournament play - 2004 and 2017.
8-0 over the last 2 years with winning the 2015 Advocare Invitational and 2016 Tire Pro Invitational.

X now has a 10 game win streak in the state of Florida.
2-0 in the 2015 NCAA Tournament in Jacksonville.
6-0 in the above mentioned holiday tournaments in Orlando
2-0 in the 2017 NCAA Tournament in Orlando.

Now it is time for California Dreamin.
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