Only Double Digit Seed Remaining

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Only Double Digit Seed Remaining

Postby XU80 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:21 am

As has already been said, great coaching by Mack and Staff. Great execution of the game plan by players. We avoided the empty possession dry spells that plagued us during the season. X's attention to detail and focus, led to great looks, 20 assists and prevented Florida St from getting easy transition baskets

On to Arizona, where the focus will need to step up even more. Arizona's big aren't quite as athletic but they have a much higher basketball skills and will be another challenge for O'Mara, Jones and Gaston. Gooden will face even more pressure and has to avoid the bad fouls he is prone to commit.

GO X and thanks for another great chapter in Xavier's legacy of excellence. Let's write another chapter for this Xavier team in San Jose!!
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Re: Only Double Digit Seed Remaining

Postby bluegrass » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:45 am

CM mentioned that the vibe in the locker room was a lot more exuberant after the Maryland game than after Weber St last year.I think last years team definetly felt the pressure of a #2 seed.That's why lower seeds often do so well in this tournament.X has had great success as a 6 or lower seed outside of 2008 when we lived up to the 3 seed.Let's hope they keep it up in San Jose.

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