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Bracket Musings

Postby XU80 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:34 am

Wow, ACC laid an egg with only one team left from the nine that were in the field. Worse than that was the ugly lopsided losses by Virginia and Florida St. SEC's Arkansas barely missed knocking North Carolina out of the tourney.

Speaking of the SEC, props to SEC and Big 10. Both conferences were really overlooked in this year's pundit commentary and seeding. Only Kentucky had a #2 seed but three teams got in from SEC. The Best Seed from the Big 10 was Purdue and they only were a four seed.

With Villanova going out, Xavier and Butler saved the Big East reputation with some vindication for the questioning of 7 invites.
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Re: Bracket Musings

Postby xu koop scoop » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:39 pm

Best record by seeding position this year. #4 seed at 8-0. #1 seed 7-1. #3 seed 7-1. #2 seed 6-2. #7 seed 4-2. #8 seed 4-3. #11 seed 4-3.
#5 seed 3-4. #9 seed 2-3. #6 seed 1-4. #10 seed 1-4. #12 seed 1-4. #13 thru #16 seeds went 0-16. This may be 1st time no #13 thru #15 won any games. #1 thru #4 seeds are 28-4 & only the #4 still undefeated. Note #7, #8 & #11 are the only other seeds with winning records. The #6 seed was pathetic.

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