Did we want Gonzaga to win?

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Re: Did we want Gonzaga to win?

Postby Anti-Homer » Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:56 pm

xu koop scoop wrote:I think the past few posts are so removed from the topic of "Did we want Gonzaga to win" and seem to be nothing more than people hurling
insane insults at each other. I am still bedridden hoping to avoid surgery that will leave part of my face numb permanently. I hope to find
a different kind of surgery that won't leave my face numb. But myself and others are already numb to these totally off the subject cheesecake
tirades, et al... Back to Did we want Gonzaga to win? I beg to ask did we mean vs Xavier - which they did. Against S Carolina - which they did.
Or against that other Carolina - which they won if you play a 38 minute game. Did we really expect them to beat 2 Carolina's in 3 days.
They beat the South, then lost to the North. Now let's work on the Zags and Xavier to schedule each other during the regular/normal season. Better still, how about the Championship Chickens from North Carolina schedule the Zags or Xavier at a neutral site during the regular season.
Koop Scoop,

First of all, I hope you find a permanent remedy to your condition.


I want to be clear on something: I did NOT hurl a tirade towards cheesecake.......it was directed at Muskieman.
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Re: Did we want Gonzaga to win?

Postby Anti-Homer » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:02 pm

muskieman wrote:
Anti-Homer wrote:
gym from delhi wrote:I personally plan to celebrate the NC win by applying to one of their bogus academic programs (wait, I know, it's not the current kids who were caught cheating).

There was systemic cheating going on at NC, and they should have been severely punished. However, we ain't free of warts ourselves as a program. Five (or so) years ago, we recruited a kid very hard who attended 4 high schools in 4 years, in Chris Thomas. We have an incoming recruit who has been to 5 different high schools in four years. That's only 2 short of Muskieman's record of 7. Miraculously, his grades have improved significantly since transferring.

I'm not suggesting a kid like that doesn't deserve a chance to play cbb, b/c I don't know his circumstances, and it will also give him greater incentive to pay closer attention to his academics, knowing that it affects his eligibility. I also think X has a very good track record of ensuring all student athletes get a good education. But let's not kid ourselves as to why he is coming to X. Mman got so peeved thinking about it tonight at Old Country Buffet, that he couldn't finish his 4th slice of cheesecake.

Wild, wild stuff.
the record is nine by you, my dear friend, but I understand that your problem was you never did pass the math part of the curriculums. I do applaud Xavier for admitting you, I guess they never found out who took the test for you to get your GED (yes Sky we are looking in your direction) and Daddy's money greased your pathway through all those "community colleges" before X had pity on you. As for your run through the Xavier history book, I recall a person named Thomas but he never did play for X in "our world", unless you mean Steve. Funny that you saw me at Country Buffet, where is it. maybe you confuse me with your better looking brother, I hate cheesecake.

As for comparing NC with X, is like comparing your golf game to Jack Nicklaus' game. You report your score as the same but use that math you (didn't) learn at the Nathan Bedford Forrest prep school. :P :P :P
I recall a person named Thomas but he never did play for X in "our world", unless you mean Steve.
Perhaps this will jog your memory:

http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/ ... -marshall/

Thank goodness he rescinded his commitment to X.
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Re: Did we want Gonzaga to win?

Postby JTG » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:05 pm

I'm not in the we're in the same boat as Gonzaga, so I'm for them. Just can't do it. I want X to be the one to win it all. There was an article in the indy paper that most Butler folks had the same feeling, if not us then not the Zags.
It all stems from the over the top fawning over Gonzaga by the National media, when X and Butler have identical accomplishments. It just rubs X and Butler fans the wrong way.
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Re: Did we want Gonzaga to win?

Postby GoZags » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:42 pm

jaxalum wrote:Even though they are in the WCC, they are able to attain high enough seeds to advance consistently in the tourney, and they recruit top 10 classes EVERY year.
Actually, Gonzaga had never had a Top 25 recruiting class ..... until this year. The Zags' first ever Top 25 recruiting class (per Scout.com) was for 2016-'17 which was ranked 16th. Freshman Zach Collins was their first ever McDonalds All American out of high school. Their other 3 came via transfer ... Micah Downs - Kansas, Kyle Wiltjer - Kentucky, Nigel Williams-Goss - Washington.

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