Muskies presence

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Muskies presence

Postby muskienick » Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:04 pm

Xavier has a presence at the ESPN-2 showing of "The Basketball Tournament" going into halftime. Two young men were shown wearing Muskie shirts: one with 'XAVIER NATION' and the other simply with a big Xavier 'X' on it. I am not aware of any players we are looking at in that game, but it is a somewhat typical off-season event where there there is not much defense being played and a whole lot of 1-on-1 offense on display. I came onto this game late (after watching the Reds finally beat the Marlins). Therefore I know little about the players or the level of play. It's halftime as we speak and I am expecting family to arrive soon. So if somebody else can pick it up from here, I would be very much in their debt. (I'm a retired teacher, so money is not going to be a pay-back!)

I just realized that the people playing in this tournament are well beyond college eligibility. The winning team of the tournament gets a couple of Million bucks to divide among themselves.
Fathers James Hoff and Michael Graham, AD Mike Bobinski, and Head Coaches Staak, Gillen, Prosser, Matta, and Miller represent a Golden Era of Xavier Men's Basketball. I feel that new AD Christopher and Coach Mack will bring us to an even higher level!

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