It Happens Every Spring...

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It Happens Every Spring...

Postby X-lucidity » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:34 am

I have about had it with ESPN and even CBS Sports. It's a shame that FS1 basically drops their NCAA basketball coverage once the BE tourney ends as they would be one of the few voices that might, I said "might", give Xavier some cred. I understand last season where the world was picking Maryland or FSU to come out of our initial pod. I get it. But then X did what they typically do in March. But this year, HEY WORLD, WE ARE A #1 SEED...! Anyone watch the bracketology shows last eve?? Everyone I saw was picking Gonzaga to beat us. Good Lord I hope the Buckeyes stomp their bloated ass. Hey, perfectly fine to comment on X being the most vulnerable "1". But I was shocked to see that no expert I heard had X making it past the Sweet 16. (Maybe I missed one last eve as I tried to catch all the shows but bounced around)
Finally, this morning on ESPN U radio the very wise Fran Fraschilla had X in his Final Four. To say I am shocked would be incorrect, as the title of this thread implies, we are, dismissed almost as a mid-major every year. The ESPN bias is palpable but even Pete Gillen last eve on the CBS Sports channel did not even mention X when the West region was supposedly analyzed. Not even mentioned.... Only that it would be the Zags versus Michigan or NC to reach the Final Four. To not even "mention" the #1 seed when analyzing the bracket- that was amazing and embarrassing on their part IMHO. Hey, I am fine with a so-called analyst picking Gonzaga. They are well coached and seemingly on an upward trend this season. But at least mention why you think they match up well against the #1 seed eh....? I have seen Gonzaga play. I have seen who they have played down the stretch. I have watched a very overrated St. Mary's team play a few times. (A St. Mary's team that beat the Zags on the road). Sure, Gonzaga may beat us if that game materializes, but it would be somewhat of an upset.
First things first, have to advance the 1st round then play a decent 8/9 challenge.
Sorry to vent as I do expect this bias every year. Just thought it would not be so blatant in a year we actually earned a #1 seed from the committee.
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Re: It Happens Every Spring...

Postby Numnuts » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:41 pm

Don't disagree with you but if you owned a Lincoln/Ford dealership, what is the likelihood you'd be extolling the merits of a Maserati.
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Re: It Happens Every Spring...

Postby oldhoopster2 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:59 pm

Didn't watch ESPN, but on the selection show (TBS?), Charles Barclay pick X-zavier to go to the final four.
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Re: It Happens Every Spring...

Postby XU80 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:11 pm

Every year expectations from the pundits on Xavier are lower than seed indicates when we are a high seed (1-5). It is up to Xavier to focus, play defense, not become complacent and value the possession. We do these things and we will punch a ticket to San Antonio. We have the talent, now need to play to our ability.

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