Could Dino Gaudio be the answer?

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Re: Could Dino Gaudio be the answer?

Postby letsgoxu » Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:28 am

I think you've got to give Steele another couple of years. He came in to a cupboard far more bare than Mack did, in a far tougher league than Mack dealt with. You can't be an average team in the Big East This team would probably be winning the A-10 again and well on it's way to another tourney berth.

I don't know what to think of Steele yet. I see a team that is devoid of shooters (which I cannot fathom in this day of basketball), a team that can't defend, and a team that lacks ball handlers. Everything we do on offense looks so difficult. It seems we rarely get open looks. If you can't shoot in college basketball, you're not going to be able to win alot of games. If you're 259th in the country in 3 point percentage, you better A) be able to defend, or B) have a star that can get buckets any time he wants, and Xavier lacks both. Scruggs looks poised to take a jump, and with the solid class coming in next season and all the returning guys we have, I like the future.

At this point, I wish he'd start getting the younger guys who will be on the team next year minutes. I know Castlin and Welage came in to play their 5th year and get minutes, but if you're not making the tourney this year, I wouldn't mind seeing more minutes for Harden/Kennedy.

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