Not good news for college hoops

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Not good news for college hoops

Postby joeabe » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:36 am

Latest news on LSU coach Will Wade is horrible!! FBI tapes are brutal for Wade, LSU, College basketball and please don't forget the shoe companies( Adidas , Nike etc) as well as AAU coaches and so called player reps of these teenage bb players. I attended the LSU vs Tennessee game several Saturdays ago and sat next to somebody in the athletic dept of LSU. The topic of Coach Miller U of A and Will Wade came up with regards to being ordered to appear for questioning at a trial for sports agents in April. He said" How many people in public are walking around in football cleats? Of course I said none. Then he asked how many are walking around in sneekers? I said everyone. He said there's the issue, the greedy shoe companies want all the market share they can get at anyone and everyones expense......especially the financially disadvantaged players!! Think about it thesekids are being bought and sold by the a- hole companies and it looks like some of the college coaches. Follow the money. It makes me believe if a school makes it to the final four without being part of this charade its a modern day miracle.

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