Grad transfers

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Grad transfers

Postby Anti-Homer » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:25 pm

Kudos and thanks to the great grad transfers. Collectively, I think they exceeded expectations, and seemed to be the consummate teammates. None of the three played the same minutes they did last year, especially Welage, but you'd never know it by how encouraging they were on the bench, and how they never seemed to complain when taken out of the game.

Hankins proved to be, imo, the best all around big in the B.E., and Welage was a great offensive specialist, who also proved he can score off the bounce, and seemingly improved defensively.

Castlin is limited with his skillset, but always seemed to be a net positive when on the court, and hit some big shots, especially today, when he hit a critical three, and turn around bank shot when the Johnnies were within 2 possessions late in the game.

I'd like to say thank you to Zach Hankins, Ryan Welage, and Kyle Castlin.
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Re: Grad transfers

Postby whopper » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:41 pm

Well said and I could see the look of frustration on their faces especially during the 6 game streak when many were whispering it was time to give their minutes to others. I will say that Welage won the IUPUI game(they beat Boston Coll), the first Depaul game with a good comeback, had 17 in OT loss to Auburn and then today. He also has been playing well in limited minutes during the win streak usually hitting 2 3s each game. Castlin is limited but heady and money from foul line and on boards. Hankins looked frustrated going into half with zero points and looked to make a difference. Welage also handled ball well with 2 assists in last 2 min and 4 overall and held own on boards and on defense. I may go home and rent "One on One"(robby benson) to remind me of what an underdog is. Well done

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