Attention to Detail

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Attention to Detail

Postby XU80 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:47 am

The 2018-19 season is in the Books. One theme to post in the locker room and elsewhere, ATTENTION TO DETAIL .

The team improved significantly from pre season as has been mentioned numerous times. However, inconsistent foul shooting and excessive turnovers will not get it done at this level. 9 for 21 from the line is just not acceptable.

I hope this theme is embraced going into next year. Despite our play this year, we should have been making a separate trip back to MSG this year,
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Re: Attention to Detail

Postby lionelchalmers0 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:19 am

Agreed, unfortunately the turnover issues have been around for years at Xavier (and with most teams in college b-ball as the offenses are just so much less crisp than nba).

I’d add to attention to detail with some variation or basketball iq/know yourself.

So many possessions were wasted this year with low iq passes or shots. Granted, there were times when Scruggs, Q, and especially Naji had to take some forced shots bc the offense just didn’t have anything else available. But later in the season when we had Hankins and jones going fairly well inside Naji and especially Q continued to take a lot of really dumb shots that were not part of their game.
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Re: Attention to Detail

Postby X-lucidity » Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:41 pm

Scruggs being cold last eve was a shame. X owned the paint and once again should have fed hankins or jones more down the stretch. Once again, we had to watch Naji, about 3 times in mid to late 2nd half, come down and play hero ball. You know, when he gets that look, starts dribbling and spinning towards the basket oblivious to the fact that his defender has him body'd up and a 2nd defender has even come onto the scene. It's so predictable I even shout to my wife, "look honey, Naji is about to finish this slop with a 180 degree spin-fade-away-13 footer-with 3 hands in his face". It's like no one else exists in the universe during that instant in time to Naji. Even with that Q makes his 2nd free throw and we win. Or Zach understands, God love him, that he had ample time to pump fake before going back up with that rebounded missed FT. So I saw improvement and X fought back yesterday despite TX shooting way better from "3" than typically and we were relatively cold. As for Naji, love his desire. Love his talent and expect him to improve. Just need the coaching staff to hone in on "good shots" versus "bad shots" without ruining his mojo. Q played well again yesterday. Hope he is back. I may sound paranoid about Q transferring but after what vanilla ice did to us last year, color me paranoid. In short, I was proud of our effort yesterday. From where things stood in early Feb., nice bounce-back. Thanks to our coaches and players for trying their hardest and not throwing in the towel like I have seen other programs due under similar situations. Especially the Seniors. ;-)
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Re: Attention to Detail

Postby bluegrass » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:00 pm

We need all of our key guys to return next year and I wouldn't have a problem if Harden returned too.I worry Naji may go the way of Kaiser and decide making $ in the G league is better than school.I would find it ironic if Q left since he led the drive to have Steele named coach.I know he's a punching bag for fans,but a senior point guard is a plus.We have no idea how much Ky Ky will contribute.Hankins will be a loss but with all due respect I think we can find more points out of the freshman than we got from Caslin and Welage.They had their moments but we need more.Could be an interesting spring to see who else Steele can bring in.At least we don't have to worry about a coaching change

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