AFTER he was drafted!

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Re: AFTER he was drafted!

Postby X-Expert » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:59 pm

Being honest and objective here, I really don't see any comparison right now between X and UC on the court-just as X wasn't at UCs level during the early Huggins years. X is 14-6 in last 20 years with 3 E8s and 6 S16s. UC has 1 S16. Like X, UC will beat X occasionally but right now, UC is just not at the same level-not putting them down, it just is what it is. UC is one of the best teams in a mid-major conference. However, the fact that UC does not win in the tourney makes people believe they can only win in conference. Unfortunately for UC, they are irrelevant outside of the Cincinnati aluni base. Both programs have had issues with players. I think so much depends on how these players are disciplined. To that point, UC cant help the fact that their coach did what he did in the airport. My issue would be that when UC found out a year before it came out, Cronin made sure that he was given the largest bonus he has ever received to cover him after he would be ultimately fired. This did not sit well with the administration. To say that Miller may have cheated at X may be shortsided. To that end, Cronin's mentors were Pitino and Huggins. Recently, things have come out that Stephenson was "steered" to UC - who knows. Bluitt and Evans were both named as potentially having payments directed to their families their last year. Time will tell but honestly, a UC fan on this board fanning the flames is kind of stupid. To argue with people on a Xavier board is downright childish. What would you expect. There are bigger issues for UC as a program right now. Rumors that Logan Johnson transferring and Samari Curtis asking for release still lingers. Best thing for UC is that there doesn't appear to be a taker for Curtis-including UCLA.
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Re: AFTER he was drafted!

Postby skyhops » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:58 am

Spot on once again by Xpert. The only thing I didn't understand is what happened in the airport? Sweet67 obviously has too much time on his hands. UC basketball isn't even relevant in Cincy anymore unless count meat gazers Lance McCallister and George Vogel.

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