Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby madness31 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:57 am

I wouldn't necessarily say X will be .500 in league. Seton Hall was projected to win the conference and is not a good match-up for Xavier. X is not a good shooting team. Teams with multiple shot blocking bigs are naturally a problem for a team that prefers to drive to the hoop. Additionally SH has excellent guard play so X isn't likely to create turnovers and get transition buckets.

The game however was winnable if the team didn't make so many mistakes. Carter played great most of the game but should not have taken the late 3s as he was obviously tired or something given how badly he missed. Marshall played good D for about 5 minutes but after that he was a liability given his poor decision making on offense and ineffective play on defense. It wasn't bad defense but it wasn't effective. Goodin and others had some foolish turnovers but the real issue was an inability to get stops. Twice X gave up a layup on an inbound pass under the hoop. Would have been 3 times but SH missed. Fouling 3 point shooters, giving up wide open 3's and getting beat to the rim. X was a step slow too many times.

The Scruggs turnover after he intercepted the pass was unfortunate. He thought Naji was breaking toward him but he went toward the rim. Scruggs was a bit off balance and was trying to get rid of the ball quickly because he probably wasn't exactly sure where the 2 SH guys were. I give him a pass on this as well as driving the lane a play later and getting stripped. It was the right play but didn't work because of excellent defense. He generally played a good game.

Jones had a great game. Freemantle was lost out there.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby skyhops » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:29 am

I was seating near Scruggs when he stole the ball and he just flat out panicked and threw the ball away and then to make matters worse did an ill advised drive to the hoop against a 7’2” shot blocker not even looking to pass, game over. Decision making once has been terrible over the last two years for all these players. As for getting burned three times on an in bounds play for a layup is inexcusable and that is on Steele to recognize. Getting out rebounded especially by their guards is just effort. Bench play was non existent as well altough Zack probably hasn’t gone up against two seven footers but he will learn. Moore looks lost.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby longliveskip » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:48 am

Seton Hall is good.

The league is REALLY good.

Myles Powell is the BE POY and he showed why.

We are still a pretty darn good team.

Focus on the process. Embrace the grind and get ready for another dogfight on Saturday.

That's it.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby X-lucidity » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:38 am

Not to pile on. As usual, after a tough loss, I shut down on viewing any media or internet about it until the next day. So here I am like a box turtle ready to stick my neck out again on this sunny new day. I only read the last two posts by 'Hops and Skip. I believe both are spot on even though one seems to be opposed to the other. Hops mentioned Paul's two late bonehead moves. Good Lord was that true! We only got to enjoy our resurrection from being 16 down and seemingly dead, to being just 4 down, WITH THE BALL, with a full minute left, for 2 seconds..... Bam, turnover - SH score, bad shot, foul - game over. But as for Paul, I do not blame the kid. He was playing with his heart on his sleeve and he was exhausted. Look at the game notes. How much had Paul been out of the game the final 12 minutes? That goes back to Hops point about our bench. Moore is not scoring and his D has been less than advertised. Maybe cuz he is not at full strength as I am not casting any shade his way, just a fact. Tandy is raw and tough for him to man up against the Hall's experienced and NBA sized guards. When you are exhausted, you can will your body to keep moving, but your mind slips a bit. Personally I am a huge Scruggs fan, probably my fave player this year, just stinks as I believe he would have benefited from getting a couple 40 second blows on the bench down the stretch. Skip is also 110% correct, The Hall is damn good and we battled them decently with no quit. Ultimately, you want to be in a top league. Well, that means you might just face a war every time you hit the floor in Jan & Feb. So be it. We grind, we work, we learn, we adjust, and we hopefully keep improving ever so slightly. (including the coaching staff)
On to Creighton.!
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby joeabe » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:31 am

If we played SH 100 times they win 99!! They are just a better team all around and that's a fact. We made mistakes because they caused most by speeding things up and for certain defending the rim. Their bigs destroyed our inside game.....making our guys adjust shots as they were driving to the bucket all night. We got frustrated and started pressing with outlandish 3's. But, then again driving to the basket became less of an option....they had 8 blocks!! Hell, Coach Willard knows X is challenged from the outside hence he prepped his bigs to be totally on alert for us driving the lane!!
Defense is another issue! I cannot speak to why we could not defend? Is it effort, talent, understanding etc? I watch Nova it seems Coach Wright teaches serious D techniques. They seem to" understand the scheme" and anticipate passes and intercept many leading to easy buckets.
I still have hope as we are in a difficult league with talent and seriously good coaching on every team.... GO X
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby XU85 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:48 am

Honest question: Are any of the core 4 better than the were a last year? Maybe Jones?
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby olsingledigit » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:26 pm

Carter had his best half as a Muskie in the first half. He hobbled to the bench in the second half. He rolled his ankle in practice on Tuesday. I hope he heals quickly and plays with the passion and aggression of the first half last night.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby Anti-Homer » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:46 pm


No time to do the usual thorough, insightful analysis you're accustomed to seeing from me now. AH and family had tix to the game yest., but dealing with more important matters. I do have one question. Does Coach Steele get a free Skyline gift card for every time out he leaves in his pocket? Vegas has placed the over/under on 19 as the number of consecutive points the opponent scores before he calls a T.O.. Creighton this Sat is a must win for a top 3 BE finish, and tourney bid for that matter. Having no significant wins this late in a year is an indictment of the putrid schedule, erratic play of some players, and perhaps even the coach?

Ponder that until AH returns. Signing off for now.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby XavierBob » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:31 pm

I know lots of people have lots of beefs with Steele right now. I agree with you, he waits too long to call a time out. I know coaches like for the players to figure things out, but I think this group might need more frequent and timely direction. Saving them does you no good if the lead gets too big. I think Mack had the same problem.
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Re: Seton Hall Game thread 1.8.2020

Postby thecoach » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:55 pm

In theory when you have a lot of experienced guys in the lineup(which is core 4/5 if you include Carter) coaches typically give them a little more rope. I don't disagree that he should use them more often, but i think he's had enough close games that he likes to save them if that is any revelation. I may take criticism for this, but having Marshall chasing a guard was crazy train. I think it hurt him/them on both ends. To me that was a bigger error

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