Xavier might beat Seton Hall??? the stats say so

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Re: Xavier might beat Seton Hall??? the stats say so

Postby ChitownSteve » Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:35 pm

Obviously, Tyrique was phenomenal.

It was great to see him do regular flush dunks vs. the defensible tomahawk dunks. His success rate went up as he simplified his approach. Hopefuly, he’ll carry this forward and seek fewer “style points” and continue to garner the “scoreboard points”, as he did today.

Well done Tyrique.
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Re: Xavier might beat Seton Hall??? the stats say so

Postby xavier71 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:02 am

What really makes me mad, is that Tyrique could have and should have been playing like that all year. Maybe we should get a picture of his Mom, put it on posters and have the students hold them up during the game like they did with Ronald Reagan posters during the Dayton games.

As for Marshall's defense. He has always been X's best defender, all the way back to his freshman year, because of his length. Not only did he do a great job on Powell, he did a really good job on Howard. A lot of Howard's run came when Marshall was out of the game and Moore was guarding him. Note: In my opinion, Moore is not anywhere near the defender that people said he was.

As I've said previously, Tandy has got to take some of Goodin's minutes. I said, Goodin should be playing 15 - 20 minutes. Yesterday he played 16 (no assists, 5 turnovers). I know he had a great game the other night, but Tandy has to play. Please don't say he should be playing because of his defense. If you believe that, replay the Marquette game and just watch him. He try's, but he is not a good on ball defender.

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