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Postby joeabe » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:51 am

And another factor could have been the new Bengals came to Cincinnati playing first season in 1968. I believe it hurt UC as well. They survived on public money. I'm just excited we have a serious basketball program thanks to the vision of a few.
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Re: Coach Biles

Postby nickgyp » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:27 pm

Joe Abe's recollection of how Fr. Mulligan met with his brother Dan in New Orleans days before the vote to drop football occurred is one I had never heard before. I already understood that despite Mulligan's vote to keep that he actually wanted it to be gone. Could former footballers and/or local philanthropists at the time financially stepped in? It is all academic now. I was a sophomore at Xavier at the time and had grown up going to Xavier games as a junior Musketeer. I fondly recall Carroll Williams' passes to Danny Abramowicz who seemingly caught everything thrown his way. Williams as a black QB who at the time was a rarity in college football was a very good passer who was also an elusive runner. Xavier could have done what UD did the time (drop to D-3 football). Villanova's football program does not hurt the school's basketball program. Neither does the programs at Dayton and Butler in the non-scholarship Pioneer Football League hurt their respective basketball programs. As been noted, at the time in 1973, the stadium was not condemned and when it was later, only the west side was condemned. A number of colleges have recently added football including the Jesuit school in Wheeling, West Virginia. The club team was something I was very involved with but the numbers just were not there to keep it going. It had some very talented players but injuries and/or the risk of injuries to the remaining players proved too daunting. I occasionally check on club teams still active. Marquette no longer plays club football but Loyola of Chicago does.

I miss Xavier football at both levels and I still harbor hopes that someday it is played again at Xavier. The recent addition of Xavier helmets at the bookstore (both mini and actual size) was a welcomed reminder of Xavier's rich football history. Could it happen again? I like to cling to a hope that it could. Autumn days without Xavier football are not quite the same and, as much as like Xavier basketball, it is no substitute especially in the waning days of fall.

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