Hitler was a Private!!

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Hitler was a Private!!

Postby joeabe » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:06 pm

We are experiencing some tough years lately at X as we have all mentioned on this board. But, realistically many schools go through difficult season . Look at our neighbors at IU, they have been down since Hitler was a private and they practically invented the sport. Its difficult to get on top and more difficult to stay there....The Tarheels are taking it in the shorts!! UCLA, Syracuse, U Conn, U of Texas Pitt to name a few more having trouble regaining traction. It starts with an AD knowing what to do to change for the good. I pray ours made the correct move. One more thing.....I believe its more difficult to win because it looks to me the NCAA is turning its back to cheaters. Hell, look at LSU this coach was caught red handed as was Pittino and Miller etc. NCAA has done nothing. As a result schools like Xavier (my assumption) playing by the rules starts from a negative position when recruiting. We got to find the kid that's looking for all the traditional values of a scholarship at Xavier and not with his palms up looking for cash..
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Re: Hitler was a Private!!

Postby Lead Guitar » Fri Mar 27, 2020 11:25 am

Many programs, similar to X would say winning 19 games is a good or terrific year! Down years and rebuilding years for most are usually losing seasons. I, like most on this site, bleed blue. I think my first X game I was seven or eight and I watched Corny Freeman play! In those days, We played Niagara, St. Bonaventure, DePaul, St. Joe’s, Canisus, Marquette, Villanova, Loyola, St. Louis, Duquesne, as well as the Miami Valley teams. Only a few of those have had our consistent success. Most would take a 19 win season. Don’t get me wrong, I want conference titles, NCAA games, Sweet 16’s, etc., and that will happen, but I am grateful eighteen times a year that I am able to go to the Cintas Center with10,000+ and see the best teams in the country

Teams like Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, play with freshman because of their high ranking recruiting. Now that we have had two top 20 recruiting classes, maybe we should expect to see more of an early impact from our recruits. We have two all Big East, two redshirts, and three highly recruited incoming freshmen. Blend in two seniors (both older seniors), and possibly one significant grad transfer and we will have a more balanced roster that will compete with anyone in the Big East. Most teams go only 8 or 9 deep, even Villanova. With shooters, we will be fine.

Hope all Madness contributors are doing well in this tough time. It is great that we have this hobby/passion. Go X.

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