Dayton is Xavier's Little Brother

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Re: Dayton is Xavier's Little Brother

Postby madness31 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:09 am

Kyzrex has a good point but I'd offer up Butler as an example of what may have been. If considering elite 8 you could argue X and St Joe proved a deep run very possible. Gonzaga has never been part of a legit conference and they have made noise as well not to mention a few other 1 offs.

The A10 is certainly not what it was. The depth at the top is no longer there and the bottom is as bad as always. UD should want to jump to a better conference. I was in favor of staying in the A10 and welcoming the Big East schools while booting the bottom of the conference for more favorable terms and that could have worked if getting agreement with Butler and Creighton and the Big East didn't just spread to various other conferences. Once the top of the A10 bolted, UD was stuck in a weak conference.

My issue with UD joining the Big East is a combination of market and small school. I'd much rather bring in a big state school with a huge fan base. Put them in a market where the Big East doesn't have exposure and all the better. If that school doesn't exist then I'm all for UD getting added.

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