ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby MillerTime » Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:07 am

Interesting. I know it wasn't a convincing win at GW, but its not like we played poorly. I'll take it.

"The A-10 is a legitimately strong conference this season -- with Dayton and Charlotte leading the way." I really don't know how she can say this, but she is entitled to her opinion...that is, until we win the conference in March.
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby XFaninJAX » Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:11 pm

I'm not sure this lady watched any college basketball in the past week, there were upsets a plenty and a ton of close interleague games. I'll admit it's nice to have some press for the guys to read that isn't praising how amazing they are and so forth, but this "Dinich" character is clueless. Not saying X is as good as UCLA, but didn't UCLA get smoked yesterday by a decent-good USC team, let alone at home? The only thing that needs consistency right now is her research and writing, to put Charlotte as a team that's leading the way, that is pure blasphemy, I guess it's OK to lost to Monmouth, Tulsa or an overrated and underachieving Hofstra squad. Charlotte and Dayton aren't going to get the "target on your back" treatment just yet like Xavier does. They are no creme de la creme (admittedly probably spelled wrong), they are the creme de la phloegm... Dayton beats two depleted ranked squads and now they are the king of the A-10??? No one ever says, "Wow, Dayton's coming to town," or "Get tickets for that big Charlotte game coming up." It's our crown and we are going to win games going away and we are going to have close games in which we should blow teams out. We will play down to our opponents when we shouldn't and we will far exceed any effort possibly thought. We haven't been playing good since conference play started, you say... if we're not on all cylinders right now and we are 3-1 winning two games by over 15 points and winning one on the road without being in Cincy for 3 or 4 days after an embarassing loss, I'll take it. This young lady is making me too upset for a Sunday morning of a 3-day weekend where there is football starting in a few hours. Criticize if you must, nobody is going to agree with this post if they aren't Xavier fans, and some that are Xavier fans won't completely agree. Call me a homer a stuck up X-fan that used to have Xavier basketball forced down my throat by my father while eating skyline chili watching X beat down the Evansville Purple Aces or the Witchita State Shockers... But if you don't know what it's like to watch the targeted team of the A-10/14/too many teams, game-by-game than there is no reason why there should be an article written by such a person (one who was just writing about college football a week ago). We got the W and we didn't play good, we will start to play our best this next week when the Flyers come to town and we will send them back on that 40 minute drive back to Dayton with their heads hanging low and give this "Dinich"i Code character something to write about...
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby XU-XHI » Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:41 pm

I wonder what this woman's problem is with X. The story is written from a perspective of X being underserving. Writing off the non-conference wins. It is not written about consistency. She seems to want to see X out of the rankings for some reason. I'ld be interested to know her background or maybe she is just a woman scorned by an X-Man. If so, I understand why she got dumped. :o
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby D-West & PO-Z » Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:55 pm

What was the point of the article? I didnt see one. Why write it about XU? It literally could have been written about any team in the country with more than 2 losses. I guess its good XU is being thought of for articles, but this one was a joke. Road games n conference are tough and while I believe if XU wants to be elite they should take care of the lesser teams, I'm not going to bitch about an 8 point road win. Charlotte leading the way? C'mon.
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby Stl_XUFan » Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:21 pm

I know the temple loss was something that should have never happened and none of us are happy about, but it is not like we loss to LaSalle or Bona. Temple is currently 53 in the RPI. They have a losing record but they have also played the 3rd hardest schedule. In no other conference would you be ripped apart for going on the road and losing to a top100 RPI team, let alone a possible top 50 RPI team.

I think Xavier still has a lot to prove and the overall idea of the article is something that all of us have thought at some point in time this season, but I think her point could have been made better and in a less demeaning way.

Lets kick the living S### out of UD and show the nation who the best team in this conference is.
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby Masterofreality » Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:45 pm

Here are the questions.

Did she write the same article about KState after they got rolled by Notre Dame?

Will she write the same kind of article about Texas A&M who got rolled by over 20 at the same Kansas State who is 48 in RPI (just 9 spots ahead of Temple)?

Did she write the same article about Marquette after that 20 point loss to Louisville with an RPI at 45?

Did she write that same article about Michigan State after they scored 36 points and lost to a terrible Iowa team with an RPI of about 190?

Will she write the same article about Marquette this week if they get blown out at UConn (RPI 56) today? ( They're losing by 11 after about 13 minutes today).

Or is this just more of the anti A-10 and pro Big East bias? That A-10 teams can't really be that good?

Methinks it might be the latter. ESPN is not the preferred contractual TV provider of the A-10. It is for the Big East.
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby Joe Batters » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:04 pm

I looked up some info on our esteemed Ms. Dinich. She graduated from IU in '01 and is apparently still upset about the beat down we gave them in Chicago. If there is any team she should write this nonsense about it should be the mighty A&M Aggies who have gotten pasted the last two games and are ranked in the top ten. If you would like to voice your opinion to her, her email is
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby MuskiePimp23 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:39 pm

Also on the comments section, there are only 3 posted and I just posted one...Some idiot under the name Larkin, bashes Xavier and calls us Xavier, (OH). He states that since there are only 3 comments, we don't care as fans...Please post reply's to this loon so we don't prove his point.
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Re: ESPN: Muskies looking for consistency

Postby Joe Batters » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:43 pm

Below is a copy of the email I sent her. I'll let you know if I receive a reply.

Ms. Dinich:

I have read you current article concerning XU basketball. Although I always appreciate any sort of national media XU receives, I was wondering if you thought that perhaps your comments about XU's inconsistent play in the conference and XU not deserving to be ranked in the Top 20 would be better directed at a team like A&M that is ranked in the Top Ten and has gotten pasted in the last two games, which includes a team that XU blew out? Or UCLA that was smacked around on their home floor by an above-average USC? Or Marquette after a 20 point loss to Louisville with an RPI at 45? Or Michigan State after they scored 36 points and lost to a terrible Iowa team with an RPI of about 190? I think the point is obvious that conference play, regardless of the conference, changes everything because the teams know each other so well. Anyone can beat anyone in conference, just ask UNC. I am not thrilled to losing to Temple on their home court either, but they do have an RPI of 51 and have the third hardest SOS. Not quite the same as losing to the Bonnies.

I am wondering if perhaps your choice of XU was based upon the beat down IU received at the hands of XU in Chicago which still remains their only loss? We may be "inconsistent" and "un-deserving" according to your analysis, but we are still the only team that has made both your Gordon and the "chosen one" Beasley look like lost little freshmen.

On a final note, I would question your research on the A-10 if you think Dayton and Charlotte are the best teams in the conference. After XU, you may want to take a look at UMass who just pasted your Flyers on the Flyers home court. In addition, the mighty 49ers lost to Monmouth and Tulsa, who don't quite conjure up the images of Duke and UNC. But let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Thanks again for the pub and I look forward to your follow up article on the reemergence of the Muskies when XU beats the tar out of your chosen Flyers again this week in Cincinnati, as has been the case since Carter was president.

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