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Re: For health reasons....

Postby wkrq59 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:15 pm

Martelli has the Krzyzewski Syndrome Scare working for him. Mike is so entrenched in and has had the benefit o9f home cooking at Cameron and on the road in conference that his kids get damn near every call. Ditto for Martelli,. Phil's a nice guy and a damn good coach but he intimidates the hell out of the refs. His players have been setting and getting away with illegal screens and forearm shivers off those screens for so many years he has a hard time if the game is called correctly.
Besides, where is the A10 headquarters located? Yep, Philly. This is a carryover from Linda Broomhilda''s reign. Xavier may lose up there Mar. 6, but I can almost guarantee Martelli's Men will stumble alongthe way before then.
The key for Xavier today and at St. Louis was when the refs are obviously screwing Xavier, the players used to hang their heads with a "What's the use?" attitude and they'd lose. Now it's "Gimme the ball and we'll make a play to win this thing." The leader of that attitude is Drew. In the past two games he has made the play to get Xavier the victory and today he made the play to put Xavier ahead with that pass to a wide-open BJ who knocked down that beautiful three. If he were three or four inches taller he's be a first-round NBA draft choice.
I was going to point this out in a special post, but here is good enough.
People, be thankful for what you had with The Post and what you have with the Enquirer. I checked the Philadelphia Inquirer sports pages and while it is early, they had an extensive wire story written from a St.Joe's perspective that I suspect will stand all day tomorrow. The Daily News website had nada...Not one word on the game. all pro stuff...Don't know if either paper had a reporter traveling with the team. I suspect not. I know this for certain, Xavier has a full time Enquirer beat writer who staffs every game and when he's on his honeymoon, they put a sub on the beat and she staffs home and road games. We have it pretty good here. Even The Post in its dying days staffed Xavier when there were weekend road games and there was no paper until Monday. also, check out the sports shows on the four local channels--19, 5, 9 and 12. I think you'll find pretty fair coverage.

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Re: For health reasons....

Postby bourbonman » Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:16 am

wkrq59 wrote:....and when he's on his honeymoon, they put a sub on the beat ....
HONEYMOON? During the season? Stop the insanity! Xavier basketball (& bourbon) is all one needs during the season. The honeymoon can wait!
It's time for a bourbon on the rocks!

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