From a Fan In Attendence

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From a Fan In Attendence

Postby Yougotdbagged » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:38 am

Just a few notes from attending the game last night:

- Great showing of X fans at the reception, including Father Graham. It was a good pre-game.
- The arena was nowhere near as full as it was last year. As for that "rabid student section" our board was raving about, it definately dwindled down this year. Only about half of them were really vocal and 1/3 of them didn't show up until tip-off or after.
- The snack bar at Smith Center makes the ones at the 'Tas look like a Ruth's Chris
- The trivia question for 5 free pitas was "Which midwestern city is Xavier located in." One of the answer options was Santa Fe. Doesn't get much more midwestern than that.
- Here were my favorite GW quotes in order:

1. They must not teach geography at Xavier. They can't chant this is our house here. Their house is in Ohio
2. GW kid: All of you suck
X guy: Way to beat UMBC and Binghamton
GW kid: flips the bird
3. All X fans are d-bags. They forget this is a road game and people are here to cheer for GW. At least they aren't as bad as those awful Richmond fans.
4. Derrick Brown really sucks

and don't forget the 3 awesome cheers they managed to create:

1. You suck
2. G....Dubs
3. Gary Coleman

It was a fun night as always, and it was good to see X come in and take care of business for a valuable A10 road win. It won't get much easier on the road from here.
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Re: From a Fan In Attendence

Postby xuhuh! » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:41 pm

thanks for the gw report...another DISPLAY that shows X, its fans are by far the class of the A10... and since the Cintas center has opened, fans have scored 100% on the trivia making them the elite among A10 FAN TRIVIA
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Re: From a Fan In Attendence

Postby xuwburg » Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:51 am

Was also in attendance and agree w/ DBag's comments. That trivia question just summed up the ignorance of A-10 fans out here. Usually someone asks where Xavier is located in the men's room at halftime (as at UR a couple years ago) and it leads to a spirited debate among the "knowledgeable fans" about whether it's really in Ohio.

I would say I'm annoyed by the "Gary Coleman" chant, but then I'm reminded that's what we chanted at Shawntae Rogers from the student section when I was at X.
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Re: From a Fan In Attendence

Postby japer » Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:51 pm

I was also there. The Smith Center was loud in the 2nd half and the boys played through it. Josh really came up big I thought along with Drew. X has handed g-dub its only two losses at their joint in the past 2 years. That is impressive.

I was disappointed the crowd booed D Brown for the dunk at the end. I didnt think he was rubbing it in, just playing hard.
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Re: From a Fan In Attendence

Postby Yougotdbagged » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:00 am

Cheesehead wrote:Gary Coleman? Have they seen their own head coach?(face & height).
Yea, they do. They all literally bow to him as he walks onto the court. Bow down to your 1 and done NCAA coach!

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