Are You Kidding Me?

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Re: Are You Kidding Me?

Postby finalfourorbust » Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:33 pm

It has been important fore Xavier to hit some threes in order to pull the double teams off of Harris and Phillips. This just happened to be one of those days when they didn't hit any threes and they still played the #2 team in the country even. You have to have some balance.
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Re: Are You Kidding Me?

Postby xu_fan » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:24 pm

Alpha X wrote:The fact is that this team continued to fire up the threes down the stretch of the season, and just didn't play to its strength, the bigs. Look at the three point stats for the A-10 and NCAA tournament games:
Richmond 1/6 .167
Charlottte 2/13 .154
Temple 8/25 .320
East Tenn St. 7/26 .269
Vandy 7/20 .300
Gonzaga 3/12 .250
Stanford 1/14 .071
Total: 29/116 .250

This was far below their season average of .350. They haven't shot that well at the end of the season from outside. When this is consistently happening, it is on the coach to get the team refocused by calling the TO and getting the ball worked inside. Yes, the last play drawn up last night was great (except for the ultimate execution) and the play at the end of the ETSU game to Harris was great, but it points out with even more clarity that that is the way this team plays best. Why aren't those kind of plays being run the entire game? Get it inside. Harris and Phillips just can't be contained by most teams.
You are officially a complete idiot. Kevin did a masterful job of getting the girls ready to compete. Stanford has been virtually non-stoppable all season with the exception of UConn. Xavier had that game won and missed a couple open shots towards the end of the game. In case you didnt know other teams know that our big girls are GREAT players and cram the middle and double and triple team them. Xavier has tried to give the ball too them toooooo many times on numerous occasions and had silly turnovers. I hope you realize how stupid you sound after Xavier nearly just pulled off the biggest upset in history and came a layup away from the final four. I'm shocked. Simply amazing!

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