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Postby MuskieSuperFan » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:27 am

Does anyone know who we are looking at to replace Dee Dee Jerigan and April Phillips? Replacing them will be absolutely critical to making another run next year.
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Postby hogster » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:50 pm

Returning roster.
Amber Harris 6'5-f 12
Ta'shia Phillips 6'6-c 12
Megan Askew 6'0-f/g 12
Brittany Moore 6'3-c 12
Special Jennings 5'6-pg 12
Sabrina Johnson 6'2-f 11 redshirted last year
Tyesha Moss 5'9-g 11
Katie Rutan 5'8-g 10
Courtney Townsend 5'8-pg 10
Lakeisha Crouch 6'0-f Altoch, Tenn Ranked 78
Lynette Holmes 6'2-f Chicago,Ill Ranked 108
Latisha Walker 6'2-c Cleveland, Ohio Ranked 118
Shaquita Smith 5'7-pg Buffalo, NY Ranked 249
Shatyra Hawkes 5'6-pg Baltimore, Md Ranked 273
Ashley Marie Wanninger 5'6-sg Cincinnati,O All-state 1st team

Take your pick. See no problem replacing Dee Dee or April.
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Postby XU-PA » Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:50 pm

much easier said than done replacing those two. I think that will be the one soft spot on the team next year. April and Dee-Dee played that spot very very well. they were both out of the norm for a 3. They god do the slashing stuff you would expect from the point or a 2 guard, they also worked hard on the boards rebounding like small post players, and both could surprise their opponents by popping from the perimeter.

Crouch, Holmes and Walker fit the bill for size, but I don't expect a freshman to make a huge impact on this team. I have high hopes for both Megan Askew and Sabrina Johnson. Sabrina, at 6'2" seems more suited as a backup to T-Phil. that leaves Askew as the heir apparent, she's got the size, the speed and the moves, just needs to get herself in the mix and get confident enough to be a scoring threat,
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