We're #31! or so says Bilas

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Re: We're #31! or so says Bilas

Postby X-Expert » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:33 pm

Honestly hard to disagree with him. X just simply cannot shoot. I heard that in addition for their 6-26 shooting from 3 vs Indy, they shot 2-25 from distance vs Akron. Teams are going to sag all day and force them to make shots. I think the worse part of the 2-25 is that the 3s were made by Daniel Ramsey and Miles Hanson. You may as well have said that Leighton Schrand had a triple double-just as significant in my eyes. X will be a good defensive team but they will have a hard time scoring unless Tandy and Bishop lights it up this year. Also heard that Carter, Jones, and Tandy did not play in the Akron game.

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