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Re: X - Depaul Thread

Postby muskieman » Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:49 pm

skyhops wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:44 am
I agree with everything in the above post. My son pointed out that Naji only had 2 turnovers and I thought he was kidding. Tandy and Q need to have the ball in their hands since Tandy will be the man next year. Like SH this win belongs to Tyrique.
I thought Naji had more but he lost it twice during the press and Paul had a similar number against the press. I have been critical of Mr Jone's attitude in games but the lst two he turned that attitude around. The announcer said he asked him what had changed and Tyrique said he only had nine more games in the regular season for X. If that means the light came on then great because I believe he is capable of getting 25 rebounds in a game. Finally, I hope Paul, Ty, and Naji continue to score the ball in double digits and to Tandy and Q continue to score and be consistent off the bench.
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Re: X - Depaul Thread

Postby X-lucidity » Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:56 pm

I've commented plenty of times over the years on just how long these seasons are in the scope of college basketball. The ebb & flow of a team's evolution, chemistry progression, (which can be both positive and negative). It is amazing as it unfolds. I recall good ole Skip P.'s teams seemed to peak a month or so too early, while Miller's teams kept building as a season would unfold. Just my own personal observations, and has nothing to do with this season, other than to point out every team goes on a long journey from summer conditioning to March Madness. I like what I am seeing in really the last 3 games. Should have beat a decent Marquette team, if we would just have shot a feeble 55% from the charity stripe. (which our little 8th grade girls CYO team regularly does, from the same distance I might add...) What I see the past 3 games is better energy on defense, especially in the rebounding realm. We are playing nasty physical ball. Moore is contributing on both ends. The steady emergence of Tandy and Q regaining some confidence on the offensive end have helped considerably. Obviously it is T-Rex, I mean Jones, that is grabbing the spotlight, but I see all of them feeding off each other in some new collective mindset. No clue if this was coach inspired, Seniors realizing a ticking clock inspired, grass root gut-check inspired, or a combination - but it is tangible and I love it. A ton of ball still to be played, and as we all know, ball don't lie. Hoping this is a trend. Keep pushing, keep fighting boys, it's right there for the taking...
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Re: X - Depaul Thread

Postby Anti-Homer » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:40 pm

ChitownSteve wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:27 am
Have a need to pile on, because it is absolutely necessary. Under no circumstances should Naji be dribbling the ball in the backcourt in last 3 minutes of a game when the opposition is pressing. Nor, should he be entrusted to kill time dribbling around in the front court. Did the official box score show him with only 2 turnovers? Were our eyes watching a different turnover machine than the official scorers?

For all his flaws, the ball should have been in Goodin’s hands, with Tandy’s assistance. They are called guards, and trained as guards, for a reason. Also, any word on whether Naji was 100%? Appeared he sat for a long stretch in the earlier portion of the 2nd Half. Wondering if he was feeling well?

Ok, on to a positive for the Coaching Staff and Naji. Was quite surprised he covered Charlie Moore early in the game. While aided by poor DePaul shooting, Naji did his defensive job well to enable X to jump out to the big lead. Naji’s commitment to defense is notable.

All said, a win, albeit ugly basketball by both teams. The crowd was slim, smallest of any of the X-DePaul match-ups we have attended. A Tuesday evening game, with a late time slot, contributed to that. On the positive, the pre-game X gathering at Kroll’s South Loop was very nice. Props to those responsible for hosting.

We’ll take it, a “W”. Move on and learn from the mistakes and build off the accomplishments.
Agree with all observations:

Naji shot 3 horrible threes, and drove into triple coverage 4 times and forced up air balls. He had 2 traditional, and 7 non-traditional (bad shots)
turnovers. It was arguably the worst game of the season, which was masked by X's win. His defense, to his credit, was stellar as uusal. Jones/Carter also did a good job on Reed. I don''t understand why they didn't isolate Reed more on Jones in space more, to get him into foul trouble. Major strategic error.

Moore played a great game despite missing all of his threes, with 3 Tu Holloway type passes, and playing his usually tenacious D. KyKy continues to elevate X's offense, as does the improved play of Goodin, and usually good overall play by Scruggs. Peaking at the right time.

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