Daniel Ramsey

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Re: Daniel Ramsey

Postby Anti-Homer » Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:32 pm

muskieman wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:15 pm
X-lucidity wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:39 pm
'Hops. I get your point. So I can be swayed a bit more towards your side. Nate J. certainly did not merit 36 min last eve. But he did adjust his game 2nd half, took less 3's and tried to get in for a few closer looks. We have many poor defenders, to single Nate out for having give up "16" as you say is a bit harsh. Some of those Jair & Harris hit were contested shots and you tip your hat. That said, Tandy just does not look the part. He certainly is not helping us when trying to run the point. He did hit a tough "3". But then he felt it earned him an even tougher looking "3" a minute later and missed badly. As MM said, he was 1-3. The 3rd was a wide open look that actually was a good shot within flow of offense, he just missed it. But then he was not the only one missing. He just looks lost out there often and and not moving instinctively on either end of the floor. Now much of that can be lost confidence due to the way Steels has clipped his wings, who knows. Plus likely our staff has done a less than stellar job developing him from yr 1 to yr 2. Maybe some of that fault is his, possibly the talent expectation was overstated, no matter, he just has not been passing the "eye" test for me. I could be wrong, of course, just a fan speculating. But I will agree with you that Nate has not been playing as well as earlier in the year either. OK, I am going to stop looking back and get fired up for the stretch run. We are what we are at this stage. A team with flaws. But most teams have flaws and we do have a few positives to work with. Bottom line, we shall have to hope that A). We play better and more physical D down the stretch and box out damnit. & B) that we have our key shooters emerge from their collective slump.
* Shooting the ball well can cure a ton of woes...
as a coach once said: Making baskets cures many ills. I think one of the TV announcers, who played basketball, said: That the lack of practice and games are the reason why we are seeing more inconsistent plays, not just from X. When X was playing and practicing at the beginning of the season they did a good job on the floor, much more consistency. Do you think the competition had something to do with it? In 52 days since the beginning of the year X has played 6 games. Not an excuse just a reason. For example, we all get on Freemantle for some of his shots and his D but look at the double-doubles he has had and where would X be without them. Efficiency is more important than overall stats. Don't know what his is, but bet it ain't that impressive over the last month. Kind of like a QB who throws 4 TDs, but has 3 INTs.
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Re: Daniel Ramsey

Postby yellow20xd » Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:58 pm

So does Ramsey get more minutes???... Dan
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Re: Daniel Ramsey

Postby skyhops » Mon Feb 22, 2021 8:30 pm

He is only allowed to play 3 minutes according to Steele. Its a secret

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