Creighton Game Thread 2/27/2021

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Re: Creighton Game Thread 2/27/2021

Postby AirJordan » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:22 pm

muskieman wrote:
Sat Feb 27, 2021 7:11 pm
Star of the game Odom...ran the game and played in your shorts D on the POY
Game may turn out to be one of Steele's biggest wins.....we'll have to wait and find out how this ends up. But, still a huge win under the circumstances. Congratulations to coach and players for stepping up at such a critical, pressure packed time.

Perhaps too early to say this. But, maybe this team would have been a better team with Odom running point and Johnson coming off bench. Of course, is moot now. But, Johnson's contribution to offense was heavily weighed toward three point shooting, and especially when he shared the floor with Scruggs, Free, Kunkel and earlier this season, Carter, our offense was one dimensional. Odom is, as noted, a mediocre jump shooter but our best penetrator. Additionally, he is starting to look like our best on-ball defender. He has the confidence of an upper classman. I love this kid.
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Re: Creighton Game Thread 2/27/2021

Postby PT71 » Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:17 am

Congrats to "our Muskies!" Likely the best team game we have played all year, under the circumstances and certainly a must win. It was Odom's "coming out party." Some of the analysis cites Odom's shooting as "outside shot." Well, when Scruggs came to X, he lacked an outside shot...he was not consistent at all. He WORKED on it...Odom has a road map...he works on it all summer, he works on it in practice to the point he isn't hesitant, and he becomes more adept. Adds to his arsenal of offense. Go Muskies!!
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Re: Creighton Game Thread 2/27/2021

Postby longliveskip » Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:37 am

Fire McDermott.
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Re: Creighton Game Thread 2/27/2021

Postby bluegrass » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:27 am

I really like this freshman class.Odom,Jones and Wilcher were all on the court at one point in the second half and we played well.That's the future. Scruggs needs to play like that every game now for us to make the tournament. Hopefully he has some Lionel Chalmers 2004 in him. Must win these next 2 games to cash in on this win.

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