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Re: Another One Gone

Postby madness31 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:54 pm

Wilcher may become a solid player but I did not see much from him that indicates he is a big loss.

Carter was supposed to be gone anyway and he likely wants a fresh start given his shooting struggles and lack of fan support.

Kyky was generally disappointing in his limited minutes. He had a couple good games and 1 later in the year that should have awarded him a bigger opportunity the next game. If he figures out how to get off shots on a consistent basis against top tier competition, this transfer will hurt.

Griffin is a big loss as he seemed to have the ability to rebound, defend and get buckets on the block. Not a star but a needed role player. Griffin earned minutes but generally never received them unless foul trouble.

While my opinion is that TS is not a good coach, I do not blame him for these departures other than Griffin. Kyky is a gray area as I found his defense and shot selection extremely frustrating most games. Hard to know if more minutes would have allowed him to settle in and help the team. He certainly should have gotten more minutes in several games simply because the others were not getting the job done.

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