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For Enquirer Subscribers only

Postby Anti-Homer » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:06 pm

If you are a subscriber to the Enquirer, there is a preview of the upcoming season. I'll share some nuggets from Coach Wright, I mean Steele. He mentioned something about everyone, but forgot to say anything about Kyky again. I'm sure it was an unfortunate oversight. He needs to work less on his dribbling and more time watching the Ace Ventura trilogy.

However, exciting, exciting news to share. Miles won the Teal, or is it Gold Jersey of the week. He is going to need Ambien to sleep after hearing the really, really, exciting news. Steele also said he has become a really good player. Ya know, the same guy he said was the best shooter on the team two years ago, and played about 7 more "non-junk time" minutes than me last year.

BTW, any one know if Steele gets paid $3 every time he 's hyperbolic or uses the word really?
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Re: For Enquirer Subscribers only

Postby ChitownSteve » Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:31 am

While not a subscriber, was able to read.

Troubling that Nunge and Freemantle are nursing injuries. Just an old-school thought, wonder if this 12 months a year playing is detrimental, especially to big men?

As for Coach Steele’s comments .... customary.

Go X!

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