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Re: Norfolk state thread

Postby Anti-Homer » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:43 pm

longliveskip wrote:
Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:37 am
i didn't even look to see who NSU has played but i know they came in 5-0 and i believe had beaten Bowling Green.

either way, there was no letdown/hangover from OSU win. our guys were ready from the get-go and Nate/Kunkel had it going from the behind the arc. the best thing i saw was the passing. extra pass was made so many times and the RIGHT pass was made for open shots/great looks and they finally WENT IN.

loved seeing how hyped the team was for Stanley when he came in and scored a minute later. looks like these dudes really play for each other.

KyKy saw some minutes and had two assists in the time he saw. hopefully he's getting his legs/wind back so he can keep earning more minutes.

Colby had a double-double at halftime. dude is special.

nice to see Cesar get in a bit.

Odom played well but i bet he had 5-6 turnovers. 3 were at the end of the first half just trying to force something that wasn't there. i don't think we even had a turnover as a team until under 5 minutes left in the first half. some of the turnovers were because you could see players trying to force it to Edwards when he came in to get him a bucket. i don't mind those. shows how unselfish they are and how much they wanna get other guys involved.

I'm am now the #1 Fan and CEO of the "Jerome Hunter Should NEVER Shoot 3's" club. membership has it's privileges so feel free to send me a message and i'll email you an application. or just reply to this post and say you want in and you can be in. either works.

hopefully this momentum carries us into Brooklyn. a chance for a couple nice W's.

prediction is that we are #23 in the AP Poll today.
Yes, yes, and yes, especially in regards to Hunter. Really love his defensive versatility, ability to bring the ball up, and rebounding. Offensively, well, he's rather offensive, especially from 3.
Posts: 6029
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Re: Norfolk state thread

Postby Anti-Homer » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:00 pm

NDS is no juggernaut, but aren't a garden variety bottom feeder either. They did win a play in game last year before getting throttled by Gonzaga. Regardless, a lot of positives from this game:

- Jones continues to show he is becoming an elite player.
-Stanley played, though I wish he'd work the paint more than chucking up threes.
-Johnson is rounding into form.
-Odom played a little erratic, but played better as the game went on.
-Hunter did a lot of things well. Shooting threes was not among them.

Kunkel. Even when he was shooting 20% before today, I said I don't mind him taking a selective amount of in rhythm threes. He has a good stroke, but shot selection has killed his percentage, like a lot of X's players. In his college career. he has averaged 27% in two years, and I think 38% (+/-) the other in treys. I know he made 8 of 10, but I prefer he limits his treys to about 3, maybe 4-5/gm if he hits a couple early. He plays gritty defense, facilitates well, and drives to the hole well.

I thought this team was top 30 coming into this year, but think they are a legitimate top 15- 20 team. X has had two straight really good games, and one of our best scorers is out. Steele is pushing the right buttons, and I like the different combinations he is using. This team has the most talented team offensively in the Steele era, and it ain't even close. Iowa State is no cupcake, but X should win by 8 or so.


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