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SC in DC
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Postby SC in DC » Tue May 31, 2022 3:41 pm

My sister in Maryland just called and asked if I had hear about the latest shooting. Three people shot on Xavier's campus, she read.
The next sentence was New Orleans police...that's when I stopped her and said, thankfully that's not us, but a HBCU school in New Oeleans.

Hate to see any shootings, but was real relieved to hear the 2nd sentence
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Re: OT--Shooting

Postby JKC74 » Tue May 31, 2022 4:42 pm

We did have a shooting back in 1971. A disgruntled former employee shot and killed a freshman student from Maryland in the games room
at the old University Center. Horrible way to start a school year!!!
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Re: OT--Shooting

Postby X-man » Wed Jun 01, 2022 6:27 am

Xavier always goes to the NCAA tournament, and almost always makes some noise while there. Projecting anything less than that this season feels like folly--Eamonn Brennan (ESPN Summer Shootaround, 2012)

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