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Re: Morgan State Game thread

Postby X-lucidity » Tue Nov 08, 2022 9:53 pm

have to agree this eve with just about every aspect of Anti's post. (yes, I realize this may swell his already + sized dome). But I also was encouraged. Morgan State played fast and challenged most every pass. Very athletic - and I liked that we were able to learn and adapt as game evolved to reduce the TO rate. Tandy did not take forced shots and did look better on D. Hunter is reborn. Miller said it perfectly about Des & Kam postgame: They are Freshman and no matter your rating coming out of HS, Freshman need to get baptized by live bullets. Souley can get buckets at all three levels and get to the line almost at will. Zach & Jack developing nice chemistry together. Nice to see Adam get a few minutes off that sore ankle. Colby is steady and needs only to develop more of an alpha personality. We now have a very solid and seemingly dependable top 8-man rotation. Miles and Kam Craft could push that to 9 between them depending on what is needed in a given game. What I loved best, was midway through second half last night, MS went on a sloppy 8 point run to cut the lead to under twenty. Miller had mostly subs in. He brought the 4 starters plus Kunkel in and the next four minutes were superb with crisp execution on both ends and built the lead instantly back to around 26 or so. My overall take was that I saw tremendous improvement from the KyW exhibition. Far from a finished product of course but improvement. Baby steps, baby steps. Coach M. has a plan, based on defense and smart shot selection, and he will stay the course.
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Re: Morgan State Game thread

Postby longliveskip » Wed Nov 09, 2022 10:02 am

finally watched the replay on the FS1 app. here's my take:

1. the turnovers were abysmal and hard to watch. just being lazy with the ball in the backcourt at times, trying to make passes that aren't there, etc. but, after the first 10 min mark, it was better.

2. As bad as we were at taking care of the ball, Morgan State was just as bad at NOT fouling. good gracious. they flat out HACK.

3. Boum was great. Hunter and Tandy were great. Craft came in labeled as a "shooter" but he's one of our best offensive rebounders. knows where the ball is gonna go if it misses, times it up well, very instinctive on the glass.

4. Nunge was kind of, eh. he will be better.

5. we aren't going to be a great 3 pt shooting team even WHEN Kunkel is 100%. that's a fact. we don't have to be and that's ok.

Miller will get the issues fixed and if guys DON'T fix them, the bench will be where they end up.

Excited to see this team in person on Friday.


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