Your Take from the Bahamas games

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Your Take from the Bahamas games

Postby muskieman » Sat Aug 12, 2023 3:00 pm

Of course, Xavier overwhelmed the two teams in the Bahamas, but the first team was a decent experienced team that played and won in the Canadian basketball Western Conference. 21-5 (17-3) last year. Per their website, " 83 national titles to its name, the Vikes athletics program takes pride in being one of the best in Canada" I read from their website that they had 4 returning starters from last year's team.

First, I think X needs to clean up the sloppy plays, but that was a minimum. Turnovers happen, but plus 20 in each game have to stop.

My take on the freshmen
Trey Green So far, from what I have seen, he has lived up to the real deal label he was given, and not because of the one play I posted. He has no fear under the rim, and while not a Souley at this point, he shows that he can take a three spot up and off the dribble and still shoot 2-3 in the first game from the three

Kachi Nzeh From what I had heard from our self-proclaimed experts, he was supposed to be a work in progress, but if he can play like he did the last week, he might see a lot more work, I think he played better than the other big men and his double-digit rebounds stood out. Again with only a limited time
Reid Ducharme can shoot in the second game with 17 pts on 7-10, including 2-of-4 from three in 17 minutes. His first game was a bust, scoring 0er on 4 total shots, including the 3 from deep, in 12 minutes.

Dailyn Swain. Not much in points scoring with 1-4 with 3 rebounds and assists in 21 minutes. 1-3 in the second game with 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 18 minutes. Sean seems to like him, so we shall see

Gytis Nemeiksa was just at X for a few days playing only in the second game was 3-7 for 7 pts but 10 rebounds.

numbers some nice rebounding numbers 50 rebounds in the first game and 67 in the second game, 30 of them offensive
Gytis Nemeiksa (we need some nicknames) and Nzeh combined for 20 and 20 in game two, which is a nice stat, and with Abou blocks, we might be very satisfied.

Final Lazar Djokovic I like LAZ for his nickname, our 13/14 player must be in mind for the rotation of our bigs until Zach and Rome are cleared so that we will have an abundance of players. Sean certainly can play the best-effort/best-performance player at any time.

Anyone else's take???
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Re: Your Take from the Bahamas games

Postby Timeless » Tue Aug 15, 2023 6:18 pm

Nice take. As I don't follow as much as you, I do think a couple of our freshmen will be contributors, Green and the new international Gytis(sp)

The post is still a concern, but your comments and the stats on Nzeh are encouraging and post by committee is okay

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