All-Time X Starting Lineup + 6th Man

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Re: All-Time X Starting Lineup + 6th Man

Postby SC in DC » Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:37 pm

Gun, obviously I saw him! On the other site I got cr@p from a poster saying Steve wouldn't make it in todays game and the best scorer in X's history was Crawford, who by the way has the 7th best season average, including behind all 3 of Larkin's year.
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Re: All-Time X Starting Lineup + 6th Man

Postby muskieman » Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:46 pm

gundun wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:26 pm
I am always amazed how folks doing these all-time lists never remember the old-timers. Then I remembered that Steve Thomas will be 81 next week. That means that only a few of us saw him play.
Face it, basketball isn't the only sport where old-timers are forgotten. The question is is the game different from the 1950-60-70 to the 2000s? The answer is yes so only the stand-out players like Larkin, Thomas, West, and Hill might get consideration, but X has had others that are just as deserving but the younger fans have not heard about. Maybe X needs to have a couple from the present era and an old-timers category.

With the new era there may be good to great players that don't stay long should they be treated the same as players who played all 3 or 4 years they were eligible? Should a player who was outstanding for 1-2 years but whose career ended be also not considered?
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Re: All-Time X Starting Lineup + 6th Man

Postby gym from delhi » Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:49 pm

Gundun, Steve is still my all-time favorite X player (without the three-point line, but no need for a shot clock!)

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