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Re: Jacksonville game thread

Postby pdxmuskie » Sun Nov 12, 2023 4:35 am

An interesting take. In my opinion the alpha doesn't take the most shots, he feels the environment and reacts. At times that means shooting often but typically it is finding the open teammate, stopping the best player on the other team or doing whatever it takes to win. The alpha is the one that understands the game and knows what needs to happen to win.
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Re: Jacksonville game thread

Postby skyhops » Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:29 pm

Look for teams to play a lot of zone against us considering our lack of 3 point shooting depth. Miller was not happy with some of those 3's, which were bad. Once they were able to beak the zone and attack the basket things change. If Swain can continue to develop his outside shot he will be special. We need Lazar back because Ousame is just not very skilled and Ciani is still young. Ciani should over take Ousame during the year. Miller was not happy with McKnight especially on offense, but I don't McKinght is much offensively. I have all the trust in Miller, but i don't see much fire power on this machine to make the tourney but we will see. The lack of shooters and a true alpha dog is concerning. Des could be the guy, but that is a lot to ask. Not sure what will do against Edey on Monday.

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