228th, 199th, 154th out of 351 Division 1 schools says it all

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Re: 228th, 199th, 154th out of 351 Division 1 schools says it all

Postby madness31 » Fri Jan 19, 2024 10:51 pm

I somewhat agree with you, MM. Players will make mistakes. It is more about learning from mistakes or being coached to not make them repeatedly.

Coaches should pull players when they continually make the same mistake, especially early in the season. It is ok to take a loss or 2 if it will prevent 5 or 10 losses down the road.

I believe I waited to pass judgement on shooters until enough games passed. Some certainly did not. Oliver is a great shooter, as was boum but both took shots they shouldn't have. Some encouraged boum to shoot more and it generally resulted in a worse shooting percentage. Both deserve a bit of rope as they can catch fire and drain tough shots but that can hurt the team when forcing the action before getting a rhythm.

The coach is responsible for creating offensive and defensive efficiency. Travis did not do this. He was a bad coach. Might be an amazing person. Might also be an incredible assistant. I would be a terrible head coach but might be the greatest assistant in the history of the game. The 2 positions require different skill sets. Most likely I'd be a moderate assistant unless surrounded by the right other assistants.

Travis as head coach was a mistake. It was obvious early but important to give him enough time to prove it. He proved it and it is time to move on. Best of luck to him.

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