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Re: Butler game thread

Postby Anti-Homer » Fri Mar 08, 2024 7:34 pm

Count me in on the Djoko and Laz should have gotten WAY more minutes camp this year. Love Miller as a coach, but he screwed the pooch on player management with these two. Do they have holes? Absolutely, but when you see the output and long rope afforded to guys like Ciani and Nemiksa, there is no excuse. Both show great ability, but lack confidence, knowing they will be pulled with every tiny mistake. Wasted season of potential development.

Miller also coached a selfish game ag Butler. He benches Olivari b/c he was unhappy with the D. FIne, but bring it a D-1 player, not a walk-on. on He signaled to the team that he gave up. A great "fU" to guys like McKnight and Des, who should have been pissed. Thankfully, guys like Djoko and Green almost overcame Sean's hubris, bringing X to within 4 with 6 seconds to go. Sean was very Cronin-esque Wed night. Not smart to emulate a coach who has won 12 Tourney games in 24 years as a HC. Yes, that is not a misprint.
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Re: Butler game thread

Postby skyhops » Sat Mar 09, 2024 1:13 pm

I agree with AH, Miller should not have taken out Olivari. He has raised the white flag and I've been a little disappointed in the last six games. Colbert is an NAIA player at best and doesn't need to play. I think Lazar has talent and is worth keeping.

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