NIL, Portal, 8 or 9 play, less than 1% go Pro, so

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NIL, Portal, 8 or 9 play, less than 1% go Pro, so

Postby Xavier2005 » Sat Apr 20, 2024 11:13 am

The NCAA in football or basketball use to have control. Now the NCAA and or the schools have little to no control. Now some/key players in football and Basketball will now go where ever the monies are to "pay them to play" for a University. Colleges are now a version of a semi pro league. Regardless of the NIL and pay to play, less than 1% will ever play in the major PRO leagues. The pro draft numbers each year are very small. Few players in todays world stay till their senior year and view graduation as important to them. Staying 3 or 4 years and getting a degree is not the objective for the NIL player or the player wishing to turn PRO in the NBA and the NFL asap. The players who are the best, or think they are the best, or just want the NIL monies do not care who they play for and are just looking for the quick cash and opportunity to turn pro quickly. Few loyalties to any school these days. Again, it is a new world for college sports.
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Re: NIL, Portal, 8 or 9 play, less than 1% go Pro, so

Postby yellow20xd » Sat Apr 20, 2024 9:21 pm

But they could earn life changing money while playing college ball. If they have a good financial advisor they'll never work a real job in their life... Dan
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Re: NIL, Portal, 8 or 9 play, less than 1% go Pro, so

Postby Jesseandrippers » Sat Apr 20, 2024 9:41 pm

NIL is not just for the pro-bound players. Many college kids are using their only opportunity to monetize their skill set. I dont blame these kids one bit. The goons that failed to put any guardrails on NIL and transfers are stoking this fire.

How do they do this? Several ways, but here is one off the top of my head:
- Cap amounts that players can get with NIL (downside is being able to compete with international pro leagues)
- Incentivize, with increasing values, each year they complete (academically and athletically) in college
- Incentivize, with higher caps, staying at the same school each year
- Let them have their “free” transfer if they want, but they will be leaving money on the table. However, does not leave them trapped in a bad situation from a playing time or coaching standpoint.

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