Well there is a big roster this year

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Well there is a big roster this year

Postby muskieman » Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:35 pm

15 players counting Zack and Jerome, not including walk-ons.

Des will probably be the only regular player if Jerome and Zach don't get clearance to play. While nothing official has been announced most people inside or close to the program feel we will not see Zach or Jerome in a game this year.

With the only other returning player Kam Craft, who is expected to be fully cleared for all basketball-related activities this week everyone else is new. So the roster looks like this

Desmond Claude
Kam Craft

Quincy Olivari
Abou Ousmane
Dayvion McKnight
Logan Duncomb

High School
Trey Green
Reid Ducharme
Dailyn Swain
Kachi Nzeh

Gytis Nemeikša
Lazar Djokovic
Sasa Ciani
Jerome Hunter
Zach Freemantle

This is an all-Sean team and supposed that all are OKGs. He will be tested to make them gel but has said it takes a while for international players to get into the rhythm of college ball and also BE ball. Knowing how he leans heavily on experienced players Q, Abou, Davione, Des, and Kam might get early starts with Trey and Kachi breaking the starting lineup. The likely international in the mix early will be Laz and maybe Gytis, but I hear Sasa is the body guy Sean likes and if he plays decent D he might get some minutes. I also hear that the coaches are still recruiting

On another note this year might give us insight into how Sean will emphasize international versus High schoolers with the transfer always being included.

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Re: Well there is a big roster this year

Postby kyzrex » Thu Sep 14, 2023 9:43 pm

This might be the roster with the most question marks that I can ever remember. It’s also a roster that has as much upside, and as much potential to fail, as any I can remember. Whatever happens, it should be an interesting season.

I’ve read that the returning walk-on’s will all be a part of the roster too. I know that “technically” the NCAA rules cap the roster at 15 total players, with 13 total scholarships. However, I’ve also read that the rule considering roster size is often ignored and not enforced. In addition, redshirts do not count against that 15 players limit. Is it possible that a couple of the freshman may redshirt?

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